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SIP Environment

To satisfy the learning demand from more pupils, we choose to construct the new school in

SIP with the most active and new garden-style urban area.

SIP is key project between China and Singapore Government and has been developed into an internationally competitive high-tech industrial park and is being turned into a modern, international garden-like new city.

Since 1994, SIP has been attracting more and more overseas capital because of the first-class investment environment. Among Fortune 500 52 have invested over 70 projects in SIP, Philips, Infineon, Samsung and Hitachi being known to all..

The 2 nd and 3 rd phases will enlarge the SIP area towards the east of Jinji Lake. During nearly three years construction and design, the area east of Jinji Lake covers 50 sq km, where has been formed the main traffic network of “six vertical, four horizontal and one round” roads.

Such four giant bridges as Jinji Lake Bridge, Kuatang Bridge, Susheng Bridge and Weiting Bridge link both the west area and east spacious area of Jinji Lake to form into a new vast region.

So far, with the completion and operation of the biggest single-body Int'l Expo Center Building, with beautiful Culture Watery Corridor along the eastern bank of Jinji Lake,, with New SIPAC Administrative Center under construction, a new city in SIP with 70 sq km has appeared to the east of Suzhou ancient city proper.

The house property in the eastern area of the lake has become the hotpoint, since a group of investors launched many big housing projects. Leisure facilities like Sports Park, Shahu Ecological Park, Lake-In-View Cape, Golf & Leisure Center and Maples Garden are under construction and are to be completed step by step. We have commercial facilities like Neighbors Center, F-City Shopping Mall, Shopping Walking-Street, Lianfeng Shopping Center, Jinji Lake Grand Hotel, etc. A foreign invested Jiulong Hospital will act as the medical facilities with the metro under construction and over six buses' route as transportation facilities.

SIP attracts more and more investors with superior investment environment, and lures a lot of personnel with high quality and high income. SIP development requires higher demand for talents and high standard educational resources. So has SHS-SIP come into being.

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