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Campus Survey

SHS-SIP originates from SHS of Jiangsu Province, which is a famous school in China with millennium history as a traditional seat of learning and with its centennial heritage as a modern seat of learning. To meet the demand of more pupils, we choose Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), China's most active and garden-style new area to construct the new school.

SHS-SIP is designed by Perkins & Will, a famous architectural design company in U.S.A. The buildings combine the traditional culture with contemporary civilization, featuring the Chinese and Western integration. Located in GanTian Road, the new school is in the heart of Phase 2 in SIP, covering an area of 225 mu with a floor space of 87,000 sq m 2 .

The total construction investment is 200 million yuan RMB, with two phases. The 1 st phase includes High School Building, Administrative Library, Art Center, Gym Center, Community Center (Cafeteria), three dormitories, sport fields and all green landscape, which is to be finished in May, 2005. The 2 nd phase includes Dulwich College, Suzhou, Junior Middle school Building and six dormitories, which is estimated to be completed in May, 2006..

There are a junior middle school and a senior middle school at the new school. In Sept., 2004, 126 excellent pupils were selected to be the first group of new students in SHS-SIP after admission exams. They have been studying in the first school year lesson in the school's main campus. Then they will move to learn at new school in SIP from Sept., 2005 on.

To accommodate itself to the int'l society's development and bring up high quality int'l talents, to import the advanced int'l curriculum and modern education management concept, SHS-SIP will be cooperating with the prestigious Dulwich College, London and to establish a Sino-British cooperative school-- Suzhou Dulwich United High School, and a British-funded school, Dulwich College, Suzhou.

The students in the new campus will have more chances to participate in int'l educational exchanges to access to higher education abroad. Every year students have chances to award scholarship and be admitted to Dulwich College, London. SHS-SIP has become the student-sending base for Waseda University in Japan, also it has the assessment to award scholarship from some famous universities in U.S.A., Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Educational Ideas of SHS-SIP: To integrate the oriental culture with the western culture, and the traditional culture with the contemporary culture;

Education Mission: To nurture the excellent personnel who can obtain the multi-culture, can easily get integrated into international society, and can become bilinguals.

Education objects: To cater to the children of expatriates and those of overseas Chinese and local Chinese students.

Carrying forward the superb educational tradition of SHS, the new school will absorb the int'l advanced education ideas, consider the students' development with int'l standard and foster more world citizens with high comprehensive quality, strong creative ability and being adaptive to future development.

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